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Crash dieting will reduce your ability to lose weight
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Posted: 2013-03-06, 10:38   Crash dieting will reduce your ability to lose weight

There are losses to mourn and traumas to overcome.Weight Loss Diet But perhaps what is worst is the fear that it can come back even if you do everything right and there is very little you can do about it. That is the bitchy and unfair side of breast cancer. Especially for those of us with triple negative cancer which tends to have the worst relapse reputation. Of course my body would thrive to over achieve in the world of cancer and be the more rare and deadlier kind. Yeah me! But we breast cancer patients try to forge onwards and accept that uncertainty is 2 day diet just par for the course – or course. Acceptance is huge and like my diagnosis, I have learnt to accept that I cannot change my Ki67 values or 7 Days Herbal Slim tumour grade. What I can change is how I decide to live my life and how I interpret and react to information.None of us know which women will be okay and which will not be so lucky but god do we wish we had a crystal ball to answer this dreaded question. The fear of the unknown in the world of cancer is awful. Every time I see my oncologist all I want him to tell me is that i am going to be okay but he can never really ever tell me that. They don′t know, we don′t know – no one knows but those anonymous little cells floating around our bodies deciding what to do. Makes you feel very helpless at times. I try to not waste more of my life worrying about relapses but it is so hard not to. I don′t want to die Meizitang of this awful disease. I want to live a long happy life and say goodbye to this world, wrinkled and grey in my bed under a warm duvet, sur
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