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Repair the dental handpiece
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Posted: 2013-03-07, 06:01   Repair the dental handpiece

Today we will discuss a bit about repairing the dental handpiece. As a dentist, it sometimes happens that a new tomb bearing defective shortly after the repair of the handpiece or the speed is not enough. But we want to know why.

I summarize the probable factors below:

the poor quality of the bearing replaced by the dealer;
damage to the handpiece itself (dropped by ememple);
aging some small parts (seal cartridge, NSK, etc.).
the wrong type of bearing incompatible with the handpiece;
the usual problem of handling (do not pay attention to the lubrication, the aging of the peak and the fall of the handpiece);
the problem of water and air (the source of clean water and air);

All the above factors will give a great influence on the life cycle of your handpiece.

So, I propose some measures to avoid as much damage to your dental handpiece.

Replace tip regularly to prevent rotation vacuum;
Prevent the fall of the handpiece;
Consult the owner's manual carefully before use to determine the operating air pressure to clean the handpiece;
Frequently lubricate and clean your dental handpiece.
If you can do what is proposed, the life of your dental handpiece will be extended by several years.

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