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an apple a day keeps the doctor away
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Posted: 2013-03-18, 12:30   an apple a day keeps the doctor away

If we break it down simply – cancer plain sucks. I had more good 3X Slimming Power days than bad but I still felt a lot of anger over the whole thing. I still have those moments nearly a year on from finishing my treatment, when I look in the mirror after getting out of the shower. I see these two long red scars across my chest that still ache with loss and pain. I still don′t feel at ease touching them. I often ask myself how I got here? How did I go from a bubbly 31 year old with a long mane of hair and two perky ABC Acai Berry Capsule breasts to this? I know after I eventually have reconstruction (In Norway it is not common practice to do mastectomies and reconstruction in the same Lishou procedure and we must wait years for new breasts) I will feel better but never ever the same, not even close. I will always feel slightly uncomfortable, Magic Slim Capsule slightly asexual and slightly different from everyone else. And no matter what they can do surgically – I will never ever have nipples again! I cried on the operating table for both of my separate mastectomies – cried for my youth and for my femininity.
Now I am focusing heavily on the bad things here but don′t get me wrong, I am a positive person and I almost always have faced my cancer head on and found the good in nearly everything. Cancer taught me that I am so much more than what people see and it taught me about what truly matters in life (hint: it isn’t that next promotion at work, the size of your savings account or the next it bag). What matters is your health and the people that surround you. We all need a roof above our heads and food on the table but beyond that we need love.
zi xiu tang
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